Monday, December 28, 2015

Nashville Christmas Bird Count
Dec. 19, 2015

The Nashville CBC was held on Saturday and totaled 74 species, the lowest since 2006. With clear, cold weather and 43 observers, it certainly wasn't for lack of trying. Some of the highlights included 1 Northern Pintail and 2 Green-winged Teal at Radnor Lake, 1 Northern Harrier, 5 American Woodcock, and 1 House Wren at Bells Bend, 6 Bald Eagles (4 at Harpeth East and 2 at Poplar Creek),1 Red-headed Woodpecker at Poplar Creek, 4 Winter Wrens at Harpeth East, Warner Park and West Meade, 21 Hermit Thrushes, 1 Savannah Sparrow at Harpeth West, 3 Fox Sparrows at Bells Bend and Harpeth West, 1 Lincoln's Sparrow at Warner Park, and 2 Purple Finches at Warner Park and Poplar Creek. The 6 Bald Eagles was the highest count ever for this CBC.  It was only the fifth time a Lincoln's Sparrow has been seen, and the sixth time for a House Wren. Some of the misses were Canvasback, Lesser Scaup, Northern Bobwhite, American Coot, and Wilson's Snipe. Thank you so much to all who participated.

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Jan Shaw, Compiler