Unusual Bird Sightings and Photos

This page will list some of the unusual birds seen in Middle Tennessee. Click on the image to enlarge.

On April 29, 2015 Robert Crenshaw saw photographed this Wilson's Phalarope at Snow Bunting Peninsula at Old Hickory Lake in Davidson County. Unfortunately it did not hang around very long.

During the Nashville Christmas Bird Count on Dec. 15, 2013 Jan Shaw, Cyndi Routledge and Steve Routledge drove by a small pond in an apartment complex in west Nashville. They expected to find a few geese and Mallards but were surprised to see a Long-tailed Duck. The following day many other birders were able to see and photograph this duck.

On Oct 29, 2013 Marnie Mitchell reported a Harris’s Sparrow at Percy Priest WMA, Field Trial Area in Rutherford County. The following day several others were able to find the sparrow in addition they saw a Nelson’s Sparrow. Ed Schneider was able to photograph the Harris’s Sparrow on Oct 31.

The morning of April 24, 2013 brought spring showers which can sometimes mean shorebirds will visit Snow Bunting Peninsula at Old Hickory Lake in Davidson County. This morning did not disappoint. Phillip Casteel reported seeing 20 American Avocets at the peninsula. Throughout the day many other birders and photographers were able to see the birds.

Tony Lance and others were birding at Bell's Bend on Apr. 6, 2012 when they spotted a Le Conte's Sparrow. At first, they thought it was a Henslow's (there were three in the immediate area), however, after seeing it clearly three different times they realized it was a Le Conte's. On Ed Schneider's third attempt he was able to find the bird and get this nice photo.

Terry Witt reported seeing a Common Redpoll at a private residence near Radnor Lake on Feb 8, 2012. In the ensuing days several other people were able to see the redpoll feeding at the residence. Above is a picture taken by David Hawkins.

On Christmas Day, 2011 Jan Shaw reported a Surf Scoter at Radnor Lake. It was still at the lake on Dec 27 when Ed Schneider got this photo.

On September 26, 2011 James Hurt was at Snow Bunting Peninsula and saw this Willet (Western). He had only a few minutes to take some photos before other people arrived and the bird flew off.

On Sep. 6, 2011 a storm was moving through Nashville and at at Snow Bunting Peninsula, Old Hickory Lake two Red Knots were seen. Photo taken by Scott Block.

On the same day (Sep 6, 2011) as several birders were checking out the other interesting birds at the peninsula, a Parasitic Jaeger flew over. They hollered at Ed Schneider to take a photo. Ed had just a few seconds to abruptly end his phone call, jump out his car (it was raining), find the bird and get some photos. It was fortunate that he got this diagnostic photo before the Jaeger flew off.