Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hickory-Priest Christmas Bird Count
Jan. 1, 2014

Twenty-five people in 5 parties participated, 96 species were reported. The count covers eastern Davidson County with bit of Sumner and Wilson counties included.

Highlights: Some highlights were previously reported by Scott  Somershoe for the Percy Priest Lake section, most notably the out-of-season Yellow Warbler. Fortunately it was seen (and heard) by  most of the party, and well-seen by a few. Also from this location was  Scott's early morning sighting of Pacific Loon and Peregrine Falcon. Ducks, 13 species including 2 merganser species, were fairly well represented but in mostly low numbers; no scoters found. Not too surprisingly Black Vultures outnumbered Turkey Vultures 20-1. 7 Bald Eagles counted, with 3 reported as adults. Falcons totaled 3 Merlins plus the Peregrine. On Priest the evening gull roost was productive with Ring-billed Gull and Com. Loons present in expected high numbers, plus Scott's addition of 2 Red-throated Loons to the mix. Sandhill Crane made the list with a fly-over of 2 at Priest. Several "winter" warblers were found on the Old Hickory section: Orange-crowned (2), Palm (1) & Pine (1), with the addition of Yellow-rumped giving them a 4 warbler day on Jan. 1st! Only 2 Purple Finches and 1 Rusty Blackbird reported, those from Neely's Bend.

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Richard Connors