Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shelby Park and Bottoms
2012 September 22

On Saturday morning a modest contingent of 5 birders came out for the annual NTOS Fall Flock at Shelby Park and Bottoms in Nashville.  In addition to the large flock of AMERICAN ROBINs that swarmed over Mission Hill, the path around the hill produced an unsolicited calling E. SCREECH OWL, and later we heard several ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAKs and saw two SCARLET TANAGERs. Aside from the robins, migrants on our walk were dominated by BROWN THRASHERs (at least 2 dozen), who seemed to be calling everywhere we went, and GRAY CATBIRDs (at least 15 seen and heard).  Transferring our walk to Phase I of Shelby Bottoms, we found several SWAINSON'S THRUSHes, two INDIGO BUNTINGs, and a SUMMER TANAGER.  Along the Ecology trail we heard a chip in the weeds that might have be a SEDGE WREN, but the bird never popped into view. Warblers were dominated by MAGNOLIAs and AMERICAN REDSTARTs. Those who stayed for the full walk enjoyed a YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER along the Cornelia Fort trail in the woods of Phase 2.  In all we totaled 39 species for the morning.

Frank Fekel
NTOS Field Trip Coordinator