Sunday, August 26, 2012

Peeler Park, Neelys Bend
Old Hickory Dam, Snow Bunting Peninsula
Davidson Co., TN
Saturday, 2012 Aug. 25
Ten birders from the Nashville chapter of TOS got an early start Saturday at Peeler Park in the Neelys Bend area of north Davidson County.  Perhaps the best bird of the morning was CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER found near the end of our three mile walk. Other warbler species included two BLACK-AND-WHITEs and a COMMON YELLOWTHROAT. We also enjoyed views of three YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOOs and a BARRED OWL calling in the distance at the beginning of our walk.  Two BLUE GROSBEAKs were a special treat for some of our group. In the meadow sections INDIGO BUNTINGs were our nearly constant companions, along with numerous butterflies.  By the end of our walk we had found 34 bird species.

After finishing our visit to Peeler Park several birders tagged along for the short hop to Snow Bunting Peninsula in the Old Hickory Dam area.  The 1500-2000 PURPLE MARTINs flying around the peninsula and sitting on high tension lines provided an impressive spectacle.

Frank Fekel
NTOS Field Trip Coordinator